Feast your eyes upon the ‘Caldera’, a beautiful and unique bass guitar, available as standard in: maple, cocobolo and imbuya. You can choose from four, five, six or more string basses either fretted or not. Other beautiful and exotic tone-woods are also available as well as the option of a more simple appearance.

Designed by master luthier Josh Hamilton, each hand-built Caldera bass and electric guitar is the culmination of over 45 years of experience in creating superb instruments that play and sound every bit as good as they look.

Virtually every part of the instrument – including pickups, bridge, and tail-piece – is especially designed and crafted by hand (not simply proprietary brands bought in), which ensures every Caldera bass has its own unique voice.

maple bass guitar

Maple Basses

Personally selected maple gives your bass a bright sound and a clarity to the top end that ensures you will cut through the mix.

The distinctive purpleheart lamination perfectly sets off the creamy white maple helping it look every bit as good as it sounds. Continue reading


Cocobolo Basses

The sound produced by the wood from the cocobolo tree is as rich, warm and distinctive as its appearance.

Our unique, hand wound noiseless pickups, in partnership with our active tone-shaping electronics offer a tonal palette that encompasses both the familiar and our own distinctive sounds. Continue reading

KM Fretless BW 01

Fretless Basses

Imbuya is a variety of walnut, and with the round and bright sound it produces it makes the perfect choice for our fretless models.

With a glassy Macassar Ebony fingerboard along which your fingers will glide effortlessly, you will find it hard to put this bass down. Continue reading