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(4, 5 and six string fretted)

Carefully selected maple gives your bass not only a rich clean and bright sound but also with a clarity to the top end that ensures you will cut through the mix.

The distinctive purpleheart laminations perfectly set off the pale honey colour maple, produce strong fundamentals and make a strong and stable instrument, looking great and sounding superb.

Our unique hand wound pickups, with or without our active tone shaping electronics offer a distinctive tonal spectrum that is both full, responsive and expressive .


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4 string Caldera £POA
5 string Caldera £POA
6 string Caldera £POA

Prices quoted are based on individual specification. A hard-case/flight-case can be supplied at extra cost where requested.


While every bass is a unique instrument in it’s own right, crafted by hand, we offer a large number of options that help incorporate more of your preferences to enhance your personal playing style. Options are listed in detail here.

We also offer a complete custom building service to help make your ideas a reality, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and personal preferences.