When setting out to create the Caldera bass Josh Hamilton was certain of one thing – every component had to work together in perfect harmony with the wood.

This means that (unlike many other custom basses) virtualy every part of the Caldera bass is hand-crafted by Josh, including pickups, bridges and laminated necks. You can read more about these below.

You can also choose from a wide variety of custom options to make sure that your hand-made bass is your dream guitar, that perfectly matches your personality and playing style.

Winding a coil

Custom Pickups

Our custom noiseless pickups are hand made to a design that has been honed to perfection over 35 years. Here you can see our specially made pickup winding machine that winds the copper on our custom built pickups.

Hand wound with over half a kilometre of wire in each coil it takes over two hours to make each one.

The design incorporates all that is best in vintage and contemporary pickups to create a more flexible tone and superb response. Continue reading

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Hand made bridges

Hand Crafted Bridges

Every bridge, tail-block and nut is machined on our lovely old universal milling machine without the aid of a computer soullessly controlling proceedings. The fit and finish is all done by hand to ensure the tone of the strings is carried through the wood to give your bass its own unique sound.

All parts are assembled to the bass to give a precise smooth finish so that your bass fits like a glove. Continue reading

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String anchors

String Anchors

Our string anchors are machined from hard drawn brass, and are designed to take stress off individual components, such as mounting posts or screws, commonly used by other makers. This helps to make the instrument more stable and resistant to tuning and intonation problems. Continue reading

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Laminated necks

Laminated Necks

Each four string neck is assembled from five pieces of wood, with five and six string necks comprising no less than nine pieces. All combine creamy white maple with luxuriant purpleheart laminations to produce incredibly strong necks. Not just georgous but elegant and supremely stable for consistent tuning and amazing tone.

In the picture to the left you can see how the channels are routed and the truss rods installed before the fingerboard is bonded into place.

Five and six string nexcks are asymmetric and feature a unique truss-rod installation designed to provide compensation not only for the back and forward bow, but also for helical correction, a significant feature of basses beyond the four string standard. Continue reading

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