wood used in bodies

wood used in bodies



The body of any electric instrument is a multi-functional component responsible for many aspects of the whole.

Whilst not strictly speaking necessary on a neck-through design it is handy to have one for a variety of reasons and the way we design and build ours makes for an aesthetic and homogenous unit.

Our Caldera is based loosely upon the ’J’ format and in that regard is fairly conservative in style. This enables us to fulfil all the necessary criteria for a comfortable, well balanced instrument that we believe also looks fabulous.

The upper horn extends far enough to prevent the instrument from being neck heavy even in five and six string formats and the lower horn is cut back so that access to the upper register is as unimpeded as possible. This is further enhanced by providing a chamfer to the top, showing off the luxurious purpleheart and maple laminations beautifully, plus, careful carving to the heel area of the neck maintains as much material as possible for strength whilst blending smoothly into the body.

The overall size of the body is a great balance between the current fashion for small body basses and more old school designs and has the usual compliments of a tummy/rib-cage contour and a chamfer for the forearm. However, to further improve comfort and style whilst at the same time helping to keep weight down the back is concave. This not only looks cool but dramatically improves playing comfort.

Body composites for our standard models are:

  • Maple cap, 5mm Purpleheart accent, 1.5mm Maple pinstripe and the main core of Meranti.
  • Cocobolo cap, 0.6mm Maple pinstripe, 5mm Purpleheart accent, 1.5mm Maple pinstripe and the main core of Meranti.
  • Imbuya cap, 1.5mm Maple pinstripe and the main core of Meranti.

All bodies are routed for LED’s even if they are not in the specification enabling retrofitting with minimal additional work. We also have a standard cavity rout which offers the ability to change the specification of the electronics without having to cut further cavities, with all that that entails.

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