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(4, 5 and 6 string fretted)

Cocobolo is a hardwood from Mexico, yielded from the genus Dalbergia, of which there are several species commonly referred to as rosewoods.

It is hard, heavy and luxuriant with rich reds, browns, yellows and blacks, the characteristics of which change subtly after cutting to produce a stunning appearance. And, due to its density and oil content it produces an instrument that combines rich, full tone with clarity and resonance fully complimenting it’s luxuriant appearance.

Our very own unique noiseless pickups, either with or without our active electronics offer a distinctive tonal spectrum that encompasses depth, clarity and responsiveness.


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Prices quoted are based on individual specification. A hard-case/flight-case can be supplied at extra cost where requested.


While every bass is a unique instrument in it’s own right, crafted by hand, we offer a large number of options that help incorporate more of your preferences to enhance your personal playing style. Options are listed in detail here.

We also offer a full custom building service to help make your dreams a reality, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas and personal preferences.